"Filmmore Academy in Indonesia"

Filmmore Academy

In anticipation of the upcoming Filmmore branch for high quality post production in Jakarta, the training trajectory “Filmmore Academy”, has now been launched in Indonesia.

By invitation of the director of the “Erasmus Huis” (the Cultural Department of the Netherlands Embassy in Jakarta), Ton van Zeeland,  Filmmore presented the workshop tour “Project Development & International Fundraising” across the Indonesian nation in order to help support Indonesian documentary filmmakers.

To reach as many filmmakers as possible, one-week-workshops were offered at five locations throughout the archipelago: Medan (Sumatra), Yogyakarta (Java), Denpasar (Bali), Ambon (Maluku) and Jayapura (Papua). The local production of the workshop tour was supervised by Patar Simatupang, director of the yearly ErasmusIndocs Documentary Festival. Filmmore provided the training staff: Hans Treffers, senior editor and training director, and Marian Sijauta, inhouse-producer for Filmmore Jakarta...

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"Post Production Project in Indonesia honored"

After a long period of research and preparation our project in Indonesia becomes a reality!

NL Agency announced the projects supported by the Private Sector Investment program (PSI) and our project, submitted by Fu Works and the post-production house Filmmore, for the establishment of a modern post production company in Indonesia, is one of the approved projects.

High quality post production facilities are currently not available in Indonesia, and together with Indonesian partners we will set up a company for the post production of Asian, American and European feature films...

* * *

 "Getting out of the Box"

The second edition of the SBM Workshop in Jakarta...


Together with Jord den Hollander, we've presented an intensive 12-day training for young Indonesian documentary makers...

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See you all again in 2013!

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"The 3D Experience"

Visiting the set of the "Cosmopolitan Jubilee shoot"

As a preparation for our 3D projects in Indonesia, we were invited by Team facilities, to experience these special Stereographic recordings...

* * *

 "SBM Golden Lens Festival"

Presenting a Masterclass & Workshop in Jakarta...

"How to get funding for your Documentary" - Masterclass

         Workshop - Project development

A very rewarding experience!

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* * *

"The Gender Promise"

A documentary about "Gender Mainstreaming and Leadership Trajectory"

For Oxfam NOVIB we finished a documentary intended to increase gender awareness and women's participation in East and Central Africa. The final edit was done in Kampala - Uganda.

* * *


 "Mission Statements"

A documentary about Dutch embassies...

Another very interesting documentary is finished. A story about the Netherlands, about being present all over the world and about Dutch culture & famous architects.  The most striking Dutch embassies representing our country far away on foreign soil...

Edited together with Ewoud Hendriksen and Hans Dunnewijk, on our AVID Media composer, for architect and filmmaker Jord den Hollander.

* * *

"Black Diamonds"

An intriguing documentary about the "new rich" of South-Afrika..!

Saskia Vredeveld traveled to her country of birth and investigated the new privileged classes, 14 years after Nelson Mandela got to power. Edited for the VPRO...

After an intensive post-production the première was at the "Beeld voor Beeld" Festival, Tropen theater in Amsterdam.

* * *

"Waiting for their next guests...?!"

After two successful television projects, "the Golden Cage" and "Can't buy me Love", the guests have all left the villa again and we are waiting for the next extraordinary experiment...

Having been responsible for several TV Reality programs: "Beautiful" (Kanakna in Brussels) "the Golden Cage", "My Husband Can't Dance" and "Can't buy me Love" (Talpa-productions in Laren) this Senior Editor is impatiently awaiting his next challenge...

* * *

"Chilling in the Army..."

Received with great enthusiasm!

A new DVD promoting a job in the army containing a docu-clip about 300 young pupils attending this special course and seven extra clips providing an impression of these different vocations.

* * *

The Dutch draft of "End of the Line" also ready!

A feature film about the first terrorist action on Dutch soil in 1975. Seven Moluccan boys hijack a forensic train in the Netherlands. 30 passengers are held hostage for almost two weeks and eventually 3 of them are killed. This film tries to establish a link between this historic event and the present situation of other minorities in Holland.

Both producers, Anton Smit & Sally Hibbin are now looking for suitable production partners and hopefully casting will start soon.

Tessa Sheridan (staff tutor of "Draft Zero"), Martin Smith (co-writer)  and Sally Hibbin (co- producer) immediately after the pitch of "End of the Line" in London.

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* * *

Binger-lab Workshops (Judith Weston)

"Acting for Directors"

"Script analysis and rehearsal techniques"

Refreshing directing techniques and thorough preparation for the production of "End of the Line" Two major motivations for taking these inspiring workshops. Twelve people from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Poland, Finland, the United Kingdom and India joined in Amsterdam for an week of intensive training.

A great experience!

Click here for some faces from the workshop!

* * *

DAAN SCHUURMANS & JENNIFER HOFFMAN starring in the "last minute" production of two promotional clips for the Netherlands Army...

These two clips support the open days of the Royal Dutch army. Each clip is  eight minutes long. They were produced for the commander in chief in a record time of six days!

* * *

"the Salomon project"  is still waiting for cooperation from the government...

After a successful pitch at the Dutch "Dag van het TVID" companies like TALPA and ENDEMOL have voiced their interest for this unique experiment. The Amsterdam criminal court is also enthusiastic about participating in this intriguing project. Only the Dutch legal authorities still remain to become involved...

* * *

Our clip "The new Dutchies" part of the project 26000 FACES has been broadcasted.

To see the clip click here!

26.000 faces is an initiative of over 100 Dutch filmmakers who want to give a face to a large group of asylum seekers, who will be expelled from Holland over the next 3 years.

The group of filmmakers of '26.000 faces' believe that it is both inhuman and irresponsible to resolve the problem of this large group of people who are still waiting for residency by planning to export them.

To see the other clips click here

* * *

"Infantrymen" wins the grand award in Italia!

At the 13th international film festival “Eserciti e Popoli in Rome, the Gran Premio Targa del Presidente della Repubblica (the Grand Award of the President of the Republic) was awarded to this Dutch production. A promotional film about the Dutch infantry museum for the Royal Netherlands Army, features Sito Hoving as the famous General Baron Chassé paying a nighttime visit to the museum. In the twilit museum, he remembers adventures past, including his grueling experiences at the Battle of Waterloo, while taking us through Dutch infantry history.