An impression of the "OriŽntatiejaar Koninklijke Landmacht"

Receiving their uniforms, extensive training out in the fields, exhausting exercises, eating food from tin cans and sleeping in small army tents: young people getting their first taste of professional Army life...

Next to this introduction to the many different aspects of military life, the clips also focus on the various specialized job-training... 

Certified vocational training and the guaranty of an exiting job within the Royal Dutch Army...


In the Netherlands or anywhere else in the world...

And a central character in all of these different clips: a young beat boxer Jonathan Derei!



Screenplay - Hans Treffers

Direction - Ruud Satijn

Production - Hans Treffers

Military production - Rob Groeneveld  

Camera - Martijn de Vree

Sound - Erik van Kampen

                        Joris van Amersfoort

               Henri van Steeg

               Hans Carpentier

Technical assistance - Erik Jan van de Berg

Editing - Hans Treffers

                           Ewoud Hendriksen

 Sound mix - Lex van Engelen

Beat-box FX's - Jonathan Derei

Additional music - Edwin van der Schrier