Filmmore Academy - ErasmusIndocs

Workshop Tour 2013

24 June - 28 June 2013 Medan (Sumatra)

1 July - 5 July Yogyakarta (Java)

8 July - 12 July Denpasar (Bali)

15 July - 19 July Ambon (Maluku)

22 July - 26 July Jayapura (Papua)

Training will be an important part of Filmmore’s activities in Indonesia. Of course, training skills related to editing, color grading and Visual FX will be a first priority. At the same time, however, Filmmore's intends to perpetuate its collaboration with the “Erasmus Huis” and other Dutch and Indonesian partners to jointly raise the quality of the Indonesian film industry as a whole by offering extensive training, master classes and workshops in other fields as well - all aimed at firmly establishing the Indonesian film industry within the larger international market.

Click HERE if you want to download a full report of the Workshop Tour.

* * *

Workshop One – Medan

 24 June – 28 June 2013

 Asrama Haji – Jl. Jendral Abdul Haris Nasution, Medan

 The venue of the first workshop, in Medan (Sumatra) is an “Asrama Hadji”: a place where Muslims prepare before going to Mecca. With the Ramadan month quickly approaching, many people are practicing their prayers here in the afternoon.

 Our heads still a bit fuzzy from jet lag, the first day is long and tiresome. Unfortunately, the location is not equipped with AC and although it seems brand new, the tiles on the floor are cracking all around us because of the heat.

 The training group consists of only men, many of them struggling documentary filmmakers from the region, but with lots of “hand-on-experience”. They are friendly and enthusiastic about the program. Also, all of them are very open and do not shy away from giving each other a lot of feedback. After five days, ten interesting projects have been developed. Some of them are very promising. The organization at this location is handled by Andi Hutagalung and his group of documentary filmmakers, Kofi Sumut

* * *

Workshop Two – Yogyakarta

1 July – 5 July 2013

 Tembi Rumah Budaya Jl. Parangtritis Km 8.4, Yogyakarta

The second workshop is hugely different from the one in Medan. The venue is a “Rumah Budaya” (an art centre where traditional Javanese dance, music and art are taught), beautifully placed amidst green rice fields. Five out of the nine participants here are women and all of them have a rather theoretical approach to documentary filmmaking. Among them are former students from the local art school: “Institut Seni Yogyakarta”.

It is a truly wonderful location, air-conditioning and well-equipped. The Documentary Festival Yogyakarta takes care of the organization. And again, some very interesting projects - by the women in particular.

* * *

Workshop Three – Denpasar

8 July – 12 July 2013

Minikino – Jl. Diponegoro 114, Denpasar

The venue in Denpasar is a called “Minikino”. It is a special place, run by one of the biggest film lovers of the island: Edo Wulia. This is where people who are interested in documentaries gather together every month to watch important films and to discus them.

Although the population of Bali has very high standards with regard to the traditional arts (a couple of important art schools are located on the island), there is a lack of good film education. In particular, training in the art of documentary filmmaking is not available at all.

As a result, most of the participants in this workshop have not had any specific film training. At the same time, most of them do have photographic experience or have been working as (photo) journalists. Only one of the participants is a woman. Many of the projects presented to us concern the preservation of Balinese traditions. Nevertheless, some of the projects that are being developed here hold some of the greatest promise we encounter in the course of the entire workshop tour.

* * *

Workshop Four - Ambon

15 July – 19 July 2013

Citihub Hotel Hero – Jl. Wem Reawaru 7B, Ambon

The organization of the Ambon venue is in the hands of Baileo DOC, Reverend Reza and his wife Hilary Syaranamual. Most of the participants are photographers or journalists and in many of the projects presented to us traces of the trauma resulting from the recent conflicts between Muslims and Christians are clearly reflected.

There is a sense here of great distance between the island and the rest of Indonesia. There are no film schools, good equipment is hard to find and - since internet connections are extremely slow - it is very difficult to watch good documentaries here. Still, some very, very interesting documentary projects made their way to us here as well!

* * *

Workshop Five - Jayapura

22 July – 26 July 2013

 Maranatha - Jl. SPG 7 Waena Jayapura.

Jayapura is by far the most remote place this workshop tour visits. From Ambon, the flight takes a total of just over 24 hours. We started the workshop tour a month ago in Sumatra, at a Muslim centre. Now, this last workshop takes place on the other side of the country, almost 5000 kilometers away, in a Catholic convent.

Just like the venue before this one, there are few facilities and training in film production is not available at all in Jayapura. Still, we are met by a big group of participants here as well, even if only some of them master the English language. So far, we have tried to present all workshops in English, but here, in Papua, Marian certainly has to do most of the talking.

Again, most of the participants have been working as photographers or journalists. The high number of NGO’s on the island is striking and many projects concern “HAM”, Human Rights Matters. At the end of the fifth day, some projects have been developed that we really cherish. Local organization by “Papuan Voices”…

* * *

Click HERE for an online version of the Workshop Presentations!

“Filmmore Post Production Jakarta” will become fully operational in the course of 2014.